The company provides its customers with a full range of services for technological pipelines, ranging from design, development of drawings of blocks and fasteners (supports, suspensions) of pipelines, manufacturing of parts, elements and blocks of pipelines in the factory, delivery and installation of manufactured products at the customer’s site.

The plant has installed new modern equipment from leading world manufacturers, which provides a full production cycle for manufacturing parts and blocks of pipelines, non-standard products, structures and pipelines, including:

Equipment for cutting tube stock and beveling

Belt-saw machine by MEBA (Germany), beveling machine COPIER (Netherlands).

Equipment for plasma cutting tube stock

Unique machine by PROMOTECH (Poland), capable of cutting holes of any complexity within minutes.

Equipment for manual and semi-automatic welding

Multifunction welding inverters Aristo MIG 4004i Pulse; Warrior 500i; Renegade ET300iP by ESAB.

Welding column

Welding blowpipe open type MWG-170 for welding pipes ø50-168mm, with welding power source MWA-400 by Panasonic.

Equipment for manufacture of turned parts

Fleet of machine tools for machining of metal: radial-drilling, universal grinding, screw-cutting, vertical turning-and-boring, universal mill.

Hydraulic forming (launch ІV quarter 2019)

Equipment for heat treatment

Electric oven of domestic manufacture by BORTEK, temperature range 350° – 1250°C.

Equipment for rolling tube stock

4 roll sheet-bending machine by Italian manufacturer MG model МН325М with CNC for rolling cylindrical and conical products with sheet width 3000 mm, maximum bending thickness 25 mm.

Equipment for cutting plate stock

Multifunction thermal cutting machine with CNC “Alfatech 2,0-4К-1Pl” for cutting parts of complex configuration and striping of steel sheets with thickness up to 150 mm, size of cutting surface 2m × 12m.

Equipment for assembly of piping supports

Factory utilizes home-built assembly-welding tables with system of special fittings.

Corrosion-resistant coating

Obtaining quality corrosion-resistant coating requires obligatory shot-blast cleaning.

Coating thickness can be within 300-500 um range. Coating color and type is applied as per shop drawings.

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