Spools and spool pieces

Piping pieces and spools

UTEM process pipelines provides complete range of services, starting from development of drawings of piping spools and elements of their fitting (supports, hangers) up to supply to the Customer site.

Factory is equipped with modern equipment by leading world manufacturers for cutting pipes and rolled stock, die forging, welding, heat treatment, quality control of metal and welded joints, application of corrosion-resistant coating.
Manufacturing capabilities of the plant allow to produce piping spools (including made of stainless steel) within dimensions suitable for transportation (11,5 × 2,5 × 1,1 m), ø57 – 1020 mm with wall thickness up to 25 mm:

  • High pressure piping spools;
  • Low pressure piping spools;
  • Supports;
  • Hangers.

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