The Company provides its Clients with a full range of process pipeline services: from designing, elaboration of drawings of pipe spools and mounting elements (supports, hangers), factory production of pipeline parts, components and pipe spools, to supply and installation of the fabricated items at the Client’s site.

Our shops are outfitted with new state-of-the-art equipment by the leading global manufacturers, which ensures complete production cycle for the fabrication of pipeline pieces and pipe spools, custom items, structures and pipelines, including:

Pressing and forming equipment

Hydraulic and hydroforming presses by Wetori, Taiwan

Equipment for machining of pipeline parts

Turning machine tools by Wetori, Taiwan

Pipe sawing and beveling equipment

Bandsaw machines by Meba, Germany and Bomar, Czech Republic

Beveling line

Copier, the Netherlands

Equipment for plasma cutting of pipe stock

Promotech, Poland

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic welding equipment

ESAB, Sweden and Reddot, China

Heat treatment equipment

Bortek, Ukraine and Weldotherm, Germany

Shot-blasting equipment

Rösler, Germany and Pavalex, Czech Republic

Corrosion-resistant coating

High-quality corrosion-resistant coating requires prior shot blasting. Coating thickness ranges from 300 to 500 µm; colour and type are in accordance with shop drawings.

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