About factory

Factory UTEM process pipelines was commissioned in 2018 by UTEM group of companies – design-oriented company (ЕРС (М) contractor), which main line of activities is implementation of comprehensive “turn-key” projects in power generation та industry.


Production facilities of the factory are located in shops with an area of 3850 m² and at open storages with an area of 1590 m², fitted with equipment for receiving inspection of materials, machines for production of turned parts, equipment for layout of sheet workpieces and rolling, cutting of pipe stock and beveling, plasma cutting of pipe stock, orbital welding and welding of longitudinally welded pipes, shot-blast cleaning of surfaces, also there is shop for application of corrosion-resistant coating and packing of end products. The factory has equipment by leading national and European machine builders:

ESAB (Sweden), PROMOTECH (Poland), MEBA (Germany),

COPIER (Netherlands), ATLAS COPCO (Sweden), PAVALEX (Czech Republic) etc.

Quality control is conducted by independent laboratory.


The most valuable asset of the factory is its employees. Since operation of modern equipment, complex and unique machines requires highly-qualified and responsible specialists. Only consolidated team of professionals can provide high quality and timely execution of orders, starting from development of design-engineering documentation and to dispatch of end products, can be assured . The factory employs more than 75 specialists of various occupations, who permanently undergo training, improve their skills, and above all are motivated for attaining common goal – to satisfy their Clients’ need at highest level and to assure zero level of claims at any production stage.



Management and workers of the factory exert every effort to provide their Clients with engineering solutions and products of highest quality, taking into consideration individual characteristics and needs of every order.

Process operations are automated to maximum extent possible that together with implemented, certified for compliance with requirements of ISO 9001-2015 quality management system assure consistent high quality of products, at that quality control is conducted throughout all stages of manufacture, starting from receipt of materials and components and to dispatch of end products.