Quality is integral part of the company management system.  System-wide approach to quality management, as per requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2018, helps to achieve the desired result and set production processes in a manner which would satisfy Client needs with adherence to all regulatory and legal requirements.

Our quality management system is aimed at quality assurance at every stage of production, starting from receiving an order and up to dispatch to the Customer. Quality of products is assured by:

  • implementation of leading technical and technological solutions at development of design documentation and use of 3D ВІМ technology in design (3D Building Information Modeling);
  • systemic work with suppliers of rolled stock and other materials: building date base of suppliers and their periodic evaluation based on results of supply quality;
  • receiving inspection of supplied products, including spectral analysis of chemical composition of metals and alloys;
  • application of modern equipment by leading European manufacturers;
  • engagement of qualified personnel, continuous training and certification of specialists;
  • permanent monitoring of compliance with established production techniques;
  • quality control of products at all stages of their manufacture, including independent instrumental testing of product quality by quality control laboratory (by destructive and non-destructive methods).

Quality of products – is quality of our processes. We permanently work at our processes to prevent defects and nullify non-conformances as well as to real room for improvement.