The plant has capacities for the production of seamless and welded elbows in a wide range of sizes and reference documents.

Seamless elbows with diameters from 14 to 325 mm are made by cold drawing and cold bending of pipes and can be also:

of short radius made from carbon steel under:
DSTU GOST 17375-2003 (make 2);

bent (up to DN32) from carbon steel under:
OST 34-42-661-84,
OST 34-42-750-85,
OST 24.125.32-89,
OST 36-42-81;

of short radius from corrosion-resisting steel under:
SOU NAEK 147:2017 (STO 79814898 111:2009, OST 34-10-418-90),
ДСТУ EN 10253-4: 2016;

bent from corrosion-resisting steel under:
SOU NAEK 149:2017 (STO 79814898 113:2013, OST 34-10-420-90),
SOU NAEK 192:2020 (SOU NAEK OST 34 10.699:2014, OST 34-42-699-85),
OST 24.125.03-89.

Welded (sector) elbows are fabricated with diameters of 133 to 1440 mm using manual argon-arc, semi-automatic and automated welding with physical weld inspection (VM, DP, US and RG). Welded elbows are made from:

from carbon and low-alloy steel under:
OST 34-42-663-84,
OST 34-42-752-85,
OST 36-21-77,
OST 36-43-81,
Series 5.903-13 (TS-583.000);

from corrosion-resisting steel under:
SOU NAEK 148:2017 (STO 79814898 112:2013, OST 34-10-419-90).

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