Our shops have capacities for the production of seamless and welded elbows in a wide range of sizes and reference documents.

UTEM-TT produces seamless elbows with OD 60.3 to 323.9 mm of carbon steels under EN 10253-1 and -3 and stainless steels under EN 10253-2 and -4.

UTEM-TT also produces pipe bends. We make pipe bends of:

carbon steels (up to DN 32) understainless steels (up to DN 32) under
OST 34-42-661-84

OST 34-42-750-85

OST 24.125.32-89

OST 36-42-81

SOU NAEK 149:2017 (STO 79814898 113:2013, OST 34-10-420-90)

SOU NAEK 192:2020 (SOU YAEK OST 34 10.699:2014, OST 34-42-699-85)

OST 24.125.03-89

UTEM-TT produces welded (mitered) elbows with OD 133 to 1440 mm using manual TIG/WIG, MIG/MAG and automatic welding with physical inspection (VT, MT, UT, PT, RT) of welded joints. We make welded elbows of:

carbon and low alloy steels understainless steels under
OST 34-42-663-84

OST 34-42-752-85

OST 36-21-77

OST 36-43-81

Series 5.903-13 (TS-583.000)

SOU NAEK 148:2017 (STO 79814898 112:2013, OST 34-10-419-90)

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